• Metropolitan State university, Minneapolis, MN
  • Bachelor of Arts, Social Science, Anthropology and Education, Michigan State University
  • Multi-disciplinary African Arts and Humanities Programs 

Short term work settings and travel

  • Calvert Eastern Drilling Co, Michigan--roughneck on oil rigs 
  • Syke’s Logging Co, Alaska—setting chokers on logging sites 
  • Shrimp boat crew member—Key West, Florida
  • Misc travels to Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland 


  • Outdoor activities:  Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, snowshowing, canoe and kayaking 
  • Indoor activities: Reading, music, cooking and eating
  • Community activities: Theater, museums, orchestra

Research Galleries and Museums

  • Heard museum, Phoenix, Arizona; Michigan State University Gallery, Lansing, MI: Port-Chandler Collection, Flint, Michigan—research into pre-mining technologies for indigenous living
  • Museum reproduction of Native American, African, and American frontier clothing, 9th century European vessels, earth pigment and techniques, rawhide techniques.
  • “Cut My Cote,” Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, textile design.
“He is the traditional Lakota definition of a ‘real man’—compassionate, loving, strong hearted, peaceful, generous, and helpful.” ~ Alberta
“Lawrence helps each of us meet our responsibility to bring our world together by changing our attitudes and view of the world.” ~ Neftali
“Lawrence discerns or draws out what is needed…and helps it manifest.” ~ Loren
“You changed my perspective of the world around me by teaching me to be more perceptive of the natural world” ~ Sam