Human beings yearn for solid things.  We want to take root.   Our body and mind wants to outlive what we make so we build our foundations on solid ground of rock and steel . 

But our souls are like water, free to flow and move.   Pouring to the sea, we are picked up by clouds to drift over land.   We return as life giving rain, draining and filling.  Draining and filling.

We are not stationary like the plants.  We do nothing like the sequoias who live mightily in the exact same spot for thousands of years.  At best, we are like seeds blown on the wind or carried away clinging to the fur of wandering bears and lions, only to be planted by future generations to see what we were made of.


“He is the traditional Lakota definition of a ‘real man’—compassionate, loving, strong hearted, peaceful, generous, and helpful.” ~ Alberta
“Lawrence helps each of us meet our responsibility to bring our world together by changing our attitudes and view of the world.” ~ Neftali
“Lawrence discerns or draws out what is needed…and helps it manifest.” ~ Loren
“You changed my perspective of the world around me by teaching me to be more perceptive of the natural world” ~ Sam