Lewis Sawaquat told me that Human Beings were created walking upright to bring balance into the world.  Our heads are in Father Sky and our feet walk on Mother Earth.  We walk on the surface, the dividing line of what is visible and what is invisible.  The masculine Thunder Bird is ruler over all that is visible to the eye and knowable to the mind.  The feminine Underwater Panther is ruler over all that is below the surface, that which is unseen and knowable only to the quieted mind.  These two powers of Life struggle with each other over dominance.  This troubled the Creator because Life Force is contained in the sacred Dance of Balance, combining the power of the female and the male.  So the Divine created human beings to walk upright with their spines, like lightning, connecting the Heaven and the Earth.  Creator charged his new People with the responsibility to balance the energies of the masculine and feminine within themselves and to make use of both what is seen and what is un-seeable, and to know truth with both mind and intuition.  Creator, knowing this was a difficult and eternal task, told his People to look to the natural world for help along the way.  Creator said the plant, animal, stone and star nations, earth, air, fire, and water would never change their patterns of Original Creation.  Should the people lose their way and become confused, they could find guidance in the natural world to help them in their sacred responsibilities.  The animals would become totem guides for conducting oneself in family life, social relationships, and the work of daily living.  The plants would offer knowledge of food and healing.  Earth, air, fire, and water, being necessary for all Life, would be the basis of the People’s relationship to their Creator through Ceremony.

Lewis Sawaquat was a Potawatomie man whose parents, like so many native people, left their cultural and spiritual practices behind...

“He is the traditional Lakota definition of a ‘real man’—compassionate, loving, strong hearted, peaceful, generous, and helpful.” ~ Alberta
“Lawrence helps each of us meet our responsibility to bring our world together by changing our attitudes and view of the world.” ~ Neftali
“Lawrence discerns or draws out what is needed…and helps it manifest.” ~ Loren
“You changed my perspective of the world around me by teaching me to be more perceptive of the natural world” ~ Sam