I had a dream one night in which I am working with adults who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses. The teachings give them a practice so they will be less troubled by the dying process and experience it as a mystery and adventure of great spiritual significance.

In the dream, each participant has a clear glass vessel that represents their body. Into it they put their writings of whatever they want to leave behind for family and future generations to learn about living and dying with awareness. I see a book of their thoughts, inspiring others to live a more conscious life. I see the glass vessels being melted down and breathed into large drops of rain that are hanging in and illuminating a beautiful, quiet public place. This installation shows that our ancestors and spiritual helpers are timelessly available to us. 

The dream is to make people aware of what their living means to them as individuals, so they can pass this understanding on to others, and surrender themselves of this life, becoming an empty vessel ready to take on the next phase of their soul journey.

“He is the traditional Lakota definition of a ‘real man’—compassionate, loving, strong hearted, peaceful, generous, and helpful.” ~ Alberta
“Lawrence helps each of us meet our responsibility to bring our world together by changing our attitudes and view of the world.” ~ Neftali
“Lawrence discerns or draws out what is needed…and helps it manifest.” ~ Loren
“You changed my perspective of the world around me by teaching me to be more perceptive of the natural world” ~ Sam