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This technique is designed to bring into consciousness what your subconscious has been processing around an issue or problem that you are working on.  The process is highly personalized and respects privacy at all times. The results will be some insight into the work you are doing with the issue/problem. 

The insight might be personal, professional, organizational, artistic, or spiritual. Your understanding will deepen with time. We will be using sonic meditation—rapid drumming—as a tool for stimulating your subconscious. The altered state created by the drumming is similar to REM sleep or day-dreaming. But your perceptions will be more conscious.  These will not prevent you from having a noteworthy experience.  Just remember,  your thinking, your body, your analysis and self-criticism are just part of you.  Let them be and find the part of you that is quiet and does accept. The core things that need to happen to have a noteworthy experience are:

  • Surrender to the moment
  • Open to all possibilities especially the unknown ones
  • Really listen to the sounds 
“He is the traditional Lakota definition of a ‘real man’—compassionate, loving, strong hearted, peaceful, generous, and helpful.” ~ Alberta
“Lawrence helps each of us meet our responsibility to bring our world together by changing our attitudes and view of the world.” ~ Neftali
“Lawrence discerns or draws out what is needed…and helps it manifest.” ~ Loren
“You changed my perspective of the world around me by teaching me to be more perceptive of the natural world” ~ Sam